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Services Joyous Graphics Lab offer

Brand Renovator
Is your brand truly working as hard as it should? Does it align with your current mission, vision, and values? Restructuring your brand can increase visibility, bring your ideal customers to you, refresh and revitalize your business, and help your customers stay informed. Need help? Contact me!

Brand Identity
Your brand identity is not only your logo, but it also includes the design of your website and all marketing materials, how and what you post, what your graphics look like, and so on, which is ALL dependent on creating a strong brand foundation FIRST. Let’s work together to build that foundation!

Website Design
Whenever people encounter your business via your website what do they think of? What is their reaction? THAT is your brand. Your brand conveys what your business believes and strives to accomplish, so time and care must be taken to ensure that your website conveys your full story.

Logo Design
Logos derive their meaning from the product or service it symbolizes and therefore seek to identify, not explain or sell. Logos should be memorable, simple and timeless, leaving room for what the logo actually represents – you. Don’t you deserve a new logo that does everything described above?

Marketing Materials
Marketing Materials–business cards, fliers, brochures, sell sheets, rack cards, & posters–are part of your brand identity, so it’s vitally important for these materials to stay consistently “on brand.” Need help with that? If so, let me know and we can schedule a discovery call!

About Joyous Graphics Lab

“As a Brand Renovator, I help existing business owners consider whether their brand is truly working as hard as it should. Essentially, they must assess if their brand still aligns with their mission, vision, and values. Restructuring a business’ brand can increase visibility, deliver ideal customers, refresh and revitalize, and help customers stay informed. Ultimately, I help all businesses to accomplish this by creating or recreating a strong brand foundation, which helps them meet and exceed their business goals. I also work with new businesses to first create their brand foundation and then build their beautiful brand identity. Brand identity, as the visual representation of the values and “personality” of your brand, helps to build customer loyalty.”

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